We set standards. MELASAN®

Service for new entrans and incombents

We of Melasan® have set ourselves in accordance with our philosophy aims to offer the highest possible quality at a fair price to our customers.

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Biocertification for  Melasan®

The successful BIO-certification by the Austria Bio Garantie (ABG) enables our customers now also the biological production and bottling of organic food supplements.n.

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Certified Management System

The basis of our commitment to excellent quality in addition to the legal requirements of a certified management system according to the standard ISO 22000: 2005 as well as the latest findings of modern research.



The separate collection and recycling of packaging by ARA AG saves the environment more than annually 520.000 t CO2.

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Top-quality raw materials. Global Manufacturers Network

In the area of raw materials, we are a reliable partner for global purchasing our partners and flexible handling. Our strengths are in this case our large network – we are with the well-known commodity traders in constant contact – and the experience and the documentation of the raw materials.

  • pure substances
  • Comprehensive quality inspection
  • Raw materials in small quantities

We are the leading commodity traders worldwide in constant contact. For quick and competent management in the production of your products MELASAN © investing in its own resources, and in the investigation of new sources.

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The most modern pharmaceutical production mixer

The electronic control ensures a constant mixing quality. The use of 4 Powder and Liquid 1 capsule line allow maximum flexibility and efficiency in the production of large and small quantities.

The basis of our production not only legal requirements of a certified management system according to ISO 22000: 2005 as well as the latest findings of modern research.

Lohnherstellung Technologie

Service ‘test batches’

When integrated service module we offer our customers in the food supplement market, the production of test batches. You can start as a new customer already with small amounts, such as 30,000 in capsule production.

We respond individually to each customer and offer:

  • Consulting / Marketing
  • Raw materials
  • Formulations
  • Focumentation
  • Packaging