Advice on the development of a marketable product

Very important when choosing your contract manufacturer is the question, what kind of support I get in the development of formulation and product and in the procurement of drugs.

Chemical laboratory scene: attractive young student and her post doctoral supervisor scientist observing the green indikator solution color shift in glass flask.

Product design

The comprehensive service in this area is based mainly on the expertise of our employees.

Only rarely the price when it comes to contract manufacturing is critical, but there are sustainable criteria for success and you already need professionally competent support from the very start of your product development.


Ingredients sourcing

How to ensure that the prescribed European requirements are met to the preparation of active ingredients?

MELASAN © has built up over the decades a network of trusted suppliers and help you.


Formulation development

You have an idea, a recipe, or an existing product. We support you in the proper selection of raw materials and in the implementation of your ideas with our knowledge and experience.


Pharmaceutical development

We find the optimal pharmaceutical formulation for you.

Melasan Dokumentation


MELASAN © one of the first ISO certified companies in the industry.

The documentation is in their complexity and in your peripheral an often underestimated part in the field of contract manufacturing. We offer a comprehensive service for complete documentation.

Verpackung Lohnherstellung Melasan


Packaging is an essential part of your market success. We discuss with you the concept, technical implementation, possible Auslobungen the product features and more possibilities of your product packaging. We offer the possibility of an individual labeling even at small series (personalized for small batches).

Our services

  • Individual labeling (even with small batches)
  • Pressure
  • Automated packaging
  • Hand packaging
  • Sample packaging for buyers
Logistik Lager

Logistics and Warehousing

Benefit from our years of experience. We organize your material flow in the warehouse management and the entire logistics with the latest technology.