‘The close cooperation with our sport partners is essential for the ongoing product development of MELASAN



The history of a strong partnership

2010 found three keen cyclists, Götschi (Götsch Hofer Wolfgang), Lois (Pimmingstorfer Alois) and Baumi (Baumgartner Peter) to ask an amateur racing team on the legs. MELASAN stabbed the drivers soon as a producer of important products for athletes in the eye and Mag. Martin Horejs from the beginning was an important supporter of the team. By 2013, the team as Cycling Gents in the cycling scene was always known. TEAM SPORT MELASAN – – From 2014 the new team name was and thus the importance of the new main sponsor implemented promotional needs. The TEAM SPORT MELASAN currently consists of nine licensing drivers, two master drivers and a young driver.


… Stands for honest and clean cycling. The enthusiasm for and enjoyment of cycling is always at the forefront. We see ourselves as role models for the youth eager cycling and also for cyclists of all ages and levels.

What makes a successful partnership?

Goods of first access to MELASAN the excellent products and the specific care, as has now furthermore give a very close relationship with the main sponsor. Mag. Martin Horejs always accompany the willingness important and promising innovations in team and implement. His cycling enthusiasm and concentration his company TEAM SPORT MELASAN is one of the major success factors.

Input for the product development of MELASAN

Dr. Paul Stocker has always an open ear for the wishes of the racers and the team surprises with fantastic product ideas. These products are ideally suited for training, racing and recovery. Whether vitamins, fish oil, or the range of MELASAN sports drinks. The results of the continuously conducted sport medical tests also confirm the path of cooperation. The MELASAN products are a valuable component of the daily training and race team riders!
Today the TEAM MELASAN SPORT is a determining factor in the Austrian cycling scene and want to strengthen this position … MELASAN is the most important partner. A partner that is always reliable.

Report generated by the race team manager of Team MELASAN: Dipl.-Päd. Ing. Peter Baumgartner, Speaker & Author

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